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The Jerez Bullring is located in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) Spain. Built in the first half of the 19th century, it is one of the oldest and most important squares in Andalusia.

The rejoneo bullfights were born in the bullring of Jerez de la Frontera on the 5th of May 1967.

Renowned bullfighters such as Joselito el Gallo, etc. also began their careers.
The building is the work of the architect Francisco Hernández Rubio. It currently has a capacity of 9,500 spectators.
The bullring of Jerez dates back to 1839. Before this bullring was built, bullfights were held in the Plaza de las Angustias, which was fitted out for bullfights.
On 7 June 1840 the first bullring was inaugurated. This first building was made of wood in the shape of a 16-sided polygon, with two floors and a capacity for 11,000 spectators.

On 24 June 1860 a fire devastated the bullring and after a long period of reconstruction by the municipal architect José Estévez y López, it was rebuilt in 1872.

On 16 June 1891, it suffered a new fire, which was milder than the previous one. It closed and was inaugurated again, this time in the form of the current bullring in 1894, with the bullfighters Guerrita and Bonarillo on the bill and fighting bulls of the Mraqués de Villamarta.

This latest remodelling allows for the construction of a more consistent bullring, taking advantage of the structures of the previous bullring, but providing it with new functionality.




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