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The fans of Castellón owe the existence of their current bullring to the initiative of Juan and Joaquín Fabregat Viché, Hipólito Fabra Adelantado, Joaquín Calduch Roig, José Ripolles Llorens and Luciano Ferrer Calduch.

In 1885 the society bought some land and commissioned the project for the new bullring to the Castellón architect and former mayor of the city, Manuel Montesinos Arlandis, who immediately set to work. On 12 January 1887, Mr. Montesinos declared that the post was finished. The inauguration of the new bullring took place on 3 July 1887, with a line-up consisting of “Lagartijo” and “Frascuelo”, who faced Duque de Veragua bulls, “Caramelo” being the first bull to be fought in the new bullring.

During these days in July, Castellón commemorated the heroic deeds of the people in expelling the Carlist invaders in the same month of 1837. Over the years, the bullfights of the Feria de la Magdalena have replaced those that used to be held during the month of July. These festivities, which are held on the third Sunday of Lent, are motivated by the transfer of the population from the hill of La Magdalena to the plain of La Plana. The abandonment of the hill was completed on the third Saturday of Lent, hence the commemoration of that historic event with these popular festivities.

The bullring is a 60-sided polygon, each side forming an arcade. It has large paddocks, an infirmary and appropriate outbuildings. The seats are made of artificial stone and masonry, and at the end of these are the comfortable landing chairs, and the plaza is topped off with a floor covered with boxes and small boards.


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